How Do I Prep My Home For Sale?

Within 30 seconds of walking through the door, buyers first impression is either positive or negative. Making a first impression is lasting.

There are many ways to give your home a facelift with out spending lots of money. See the following for the most significant impact:

Outside: Curb Appeal

• De-clutter and keep lawn decorations to a minimum.
• Mow yard and trim trees & shrubs.
• Add bushes and flowers if you dont have enough landscapping.
• Sweep or wash off sidewalks, deck or porch and driveway.
• Remove personalized fixtures.
• Put all toys away.
• Fix damaged exterior issues with siding, roof, gutters etc.
• Welcome mat
• Try to clean all windows, patio doors inside and out.


Please leave your house while it’s being shown to potential buyers, you presence may make them feel awkward.

On a personal level, think about writing a letter about your neighborhood that includes what you really like about your home and neighborhood.


Check for dust on basebords, ceiling fans, light fixtures, cobwebs on ceilings and MORE.
De-clutter your home. Rent a storage container if you need to. This is very important.

• Get a fresh coat of paint to the walls.
• Remove family photos and pack up excessive wall decorations. 
• Remove personal items; like collections and trophies.
• Replace worn/old carpets, and shampoo carpets that are dirty but still in good shape.
• Polish/wax wood floors.
• You may add fresh flowers or plants but try not to over do it.
• Opening blinds and shades to let the light in.
• Ask a neighbor or friend to come over and locate any odors that need to be addressed.
• If you own a pet please take  them with you while your home is being shown.

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